These poles are a fantastic alternative for ground work pole training. Over the years they have become a very popular training aid for replacing round jump poles used for ground work exercised. This minimises the risk of injuring your horses from over reaching when landing on a rolling pole. They are great for giving both horses and riders confidence, especially youngsters, as well as bringing back horses from injuries. Unlike the danger of round poles rolling when stood on, the foam in the soft pole will simply ‘squish’ under the hoof, minimising risk to your horse. These poles are used for such a wide range of ground work exercises such as; forming distances, trotting & canter poles, ground lines, tram lines, forming corners, forming curved lines for circle training and much more endless activities. The great thing about these poles is that they are lightweight so you can enjoy creating endless exercises without getting a bad back and not get worn out before you hit the saddle!

These are our standard size soft pole and most popular across the range of sizes we offer. This size soft pole is 3m in length and approx. 8.5cm x 8.5cm square and they weight approx 1.2kg each

Made from a very tough and durable PVC tarpaulin reinforced canvass material and filled with a firm foam.

A low maintenance product that does not need touched up and painted compared to painted poles.

A must for any yard increasing safety and minimising injury and replacing round poles for ground work and Ideal for beginners and young horses

Easy and light to move around and foldable so you can store away or transport easily.

We are the largest manufacturer of soft poles in the UK and offer the largest selection of colours.

We can manufacture this product in a wider and larger size if required, so please contact us if you would like any bespoke sizes manufactured.


This product is made from foam and will be folded up for deliveries. The folded areas may need massaged back into place and the foam will restore its original shape in a short amount of time. This applies for any product with PVC and foam such as soft poles and water trays.

These poles are designed for ground work and will not hold their shape when used as a jump pole.

They are filled with foam and designed to bend, be flexible and squish easily.

Avoid using studs in your horses shoes when schooling over any PVC foam products such as soft pole or water trays.

If you wish to return this product due to a customer order error, you will need to return this product withing 5 working days. This product must be returned unused and undamaged for a full refund. We recommend you also track your parcel so you can see when it has been returned.