Safety Release Adapter plates that fit onto your cup, providing a safe break away system. This product attached to a jump cup, allow the cup to break away easily and safely in a downward collision, leaving the release plate on the key hole tracking and the cup fallen to the floor along with the obstacle the cup is holding.

Manufactured from strong pvc material with UV stabilisers ensuring this product does not become brittle in outdoor weathers. This product has a metal spring loaded insert that allows the cup to release under downward collisions.

Used for back poles on any spreads/oxers and also any other hanging obstacles that may be necessary for the safety release adapter.

This product is sold individually at £7.50 per unit. Please order two units if you require one pair.

These cups are made to the same standard as FEI rules with a high quality re-enforced pvc nylon material however these are not FEI approved or certified. Please see our other listings for approved FEI cups which have been approved and certified. The FEI approved products are a requirement for affiliated competitions for back bars and middle elements (BSJA Rule 132).